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2022. “My Daughter Kanna”. Photographer and father Nagano Toyokazu takes the greatest photos of his daughter. Could she get any cuter?

Well thats the cutest thing ive ever seen n__n

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Its only the first episode, and I’m already in love!

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Holy craps… Pokémon Origins… ._.
That was the most amazing thing i’ve ever seen in Pokémon history!!!! Thats the first time i’ve actually been made super depressed that i could never have a pokémon of my own since i was like 10! D;
I’ve already gotten over that trauma don’t make me live through it all over again!!! Dx
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Zelda and Pokemon Fine China by Olly Moss

Each of these plates is 27 cm of fine bone china, depicting art from the Zelda or Pokemon series. Beautiful, but I can’t imagine ever eating off of them. Perhaps if Eiji Aonuma or Ken Sugimori stopped by for dinner. These babies are on sale until October 12. Check out the store/pick one up starting at $60 here. [❤]

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Some inspiration for making your own Portal companion cube by Zalora on deviantart! This looks amazing! 

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A Studio Ghibli food appreciation post.

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Its finally the first day of October! ;D
And now we’re only 31 days from the greatest holiday of all time n__n
Where we can all join together in our love of cosplay and get fat on candies n__n


My tank is all set up for my little sea monsters and now i can begin my majestic aquascaping career! ;D